Lembongan discovery dive team

Dive Center in lembongan

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All fun dives are guided dives with a maximum ratio of four guests to one divemaster.

All courses are taught precisely to the guidelines set by PADI. We do not cut corners and we do not believe in rushing people. Our students dictate the pace and we teach in small groups. Training takes place in our purpose built pool with a maximum ratio of four students to one instructor.

Most of the Nusa Penida’s dive sites are drift dives but the advantage that we have being based on Lembongan is that we can dive around the high tide which minimizes any current. As a result we usually have calm water in which to enjoy the spectacular coral and fish. Read more about the sites on the Dive Sites page.

No matter how many dives we have done here, we are constantly surprised by the new creatures that we discover. Sharing these moments with our guests is the highlight of our jobs.



Lembongan Discovery Dive have more than 20 years of experience diving in Bali. Their Lembongan Discovery Dive Team is staffed by professionals who have passed the exacting requirements expected by PADI. All of the divemasters are locally trained and are experts in the waters and marine life of our islands. Our instructors can deliver a wide range of courses including professional level qualifications.
Our Boat Captains are local islanders with years of experience in navigating the surrounding waters. They keep our fleet(!) in tip top condition and are ready to help our guests with getting on and off the boats and everything in between.


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